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About cleaning

The cleaner is like a fish out of water. He uses everything at his disposal, and sometimes he's not afraid to throw out the kitchen sink. But, at the same time, he is clever enough to find the solution to all his problems in the shortest possible time. Let's find out what is it, what is it not, and why it is that cleaning is not always faster than fishing.1. Is cleaning a time-consuming task?Perhaps you think about it for a long time, and then you decide to take time-consuming measures. You take out the trash, you clean the floor, you wash the windows and grill, you collect your inventory. At the same time, you continue to work. But do you really need to clean your apartment every day? No, of course not! Cleaning and laundry services can be adapted to meet the needs of different people.2. What are the types of cleaning services?In the preceding paragraph, we said that cleaning is a long and complex task. Therefore, if you order a service with a long list of services, you will need to make a contract with the company. The main services of cleaning companies are simple ones that in any case everyone can use, as well as general cleaning, which is carried out in all rooms. For example, cleaning of the kitchen and cleaning of the bathroom (for general cleaning, as the name suggests, includes washing dishes and bathrooms). In addition, a cleaning company can specialize in polishing and replacing tiles, floors, and various decorative elements on the floors. And if you order more elaborate services, you can even add a special cleaning service of high quality, which will be carried out by professional specialists.3. How to order a general cleaning service?To order a general cleaning service, the client must agree with the following conditions: a) He wants to clean the apartment from dirt, dust and stains. b) He is familiar with the terms of the general cleaning service and its scope. c) He is willing to pay the cost of cleaning and use the services of a cleaning company. The service can be provided either once or twice a year, depending on the client's needs and convenience. The location of the cleaning company also affects the scope of the general cleaning service. For example, if the apartment is located in a residential building, then the cleaning company is responsible for high-quality cleaning of premises and premises and the highest quality cleaning of premises. In any case, the cleaning company must not act arbitrarily and without reasonable grounds.4. What is the scope of the general cleaning service?It is not necessary to order general cleaning if it is carried out in the following cases:a) In the morning and evening, when the client is working, just once every six months. Or in the evening and on the weekend, at the latest, when the client has leisure time. This is a very convenient